Specialist Care for Bladder and Prostate Problems

Mr Ted Ilsley, aged 66 from Kingstanding, Birmingham, had Greenlight LaserTM treatment performed by Mr Almallah at BMI The Priory Hospital in March 2009, after suffering from prostate problems for 15 years.

“My life had been affected for such a long time, I started having problems with my prostate since I was 51- I’m now 66! It affected everything, what I could wear, eat and drink, even my love-life!

It got to a stage when I couldn’t leave the house as I was so confined to always having to use the toilet. When I did go out I would stuff my trousers with tissues and anything else which was absorbent to stop leakages.
I finally went to see my GP about the problem in 1997 and I became involved in a four year clinical. Throughout the trial my prostate continued to enlarge and my PSA levels continued to increase.

When the trial ended I contacted my insurance company and saw Mr Almallah privately at The Priory Hospital in Edgbaston where he carried out tests on my bladder (urodynamics) and an X-Ray. I was offered injections for my bladder, or medication, which I opted for, and this worked for me for almost 2 years. During this time I visited my daughter in Australia, which I wasn’t able to do before due to the journey and inconvenience of having to constantly find a toilet. The effectiveness of medicatons began to wear off after almost two years of taking it, so I went back to see Mr Almallah, and he performed a Cystoscopy where I could see for myself on the computer screen where the redness of the prostate was rubbing against my bladder which was causing the problems. I also underwent a biopsy under local anaesthetic to rule out cancer, which fortunately it did.

I underwent the Greenlight Laser procedure on my prostate at The Priory Hospital, and all I can say is that I feel like a fraud- I underwent a big operation yet had hardly any pain! The only pain I had was when I passed little blood after the operation which was minimal discomfort. All of the staff were very courteous and Mr Almallah was always close by to monitor me, and when he wasn’t around, the staff would keep him updated on my blood loss and progress. I was discharged from hospital just over 24 hours after my operation which is remarkable, I really didn’t feel like I’d undergone a major operation, and when I came home I still continued to receive lots of support from Mr Almallah and his team.

Mr Almallah is a gentleman and a fantastic doctor who always made me feel relaxed and talked everything through with me to ensure I was comfortable with what was happening. I cannot praise him enough. My life is much better now, and I would urge any man who is having problems to go and talk things through with their GP, as it can affect your relationships and also affect you mentally”.

Mr Ilsley would be happy to talk to anyone who suffers from the same problems and is going to undergo Greenlight LaserTM procedure. Please contact Mr Almallah’s secretary for more details.

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