Specialist Care for Bladder and Prostate Problems

Alison Giles, aged 30, a nursery nurse from Birmingham, has had surgery for kidney stones undertaken by Mr Zaki Almallah and continues to receive follow-up care at the Priory Hospital.

“Kidney stones are incredibly painful. I haven’t had a baby, but people told me that if you can cope with the pain from kidney stones, you can cope with labour.

When I went to see Mr Almallah in March 2003 he was so caring and considerate. You feel as if you are his only patient.

I had to have surgery to remove the kidney stone because it was so large. I had not had an operation before in my whole life, but I didn’t feel at all worried because Mr Almallah had explained it so well and reassured me.

He was also very conscious of ensuring I didn’t have too many x-rays because I am of child-bearing age.

I have received 110 per cent care. I have had regular check-ups and when the problem recurred, Mr Almallah saw me immediately. That it really important when you have a problem like this, which is really painful and is likely to come back.”

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