Specialist Care for Bladder and Prostate Problems

Mr Steve Carlin, aged 58 from Solihull West Midlands had a Male Sling inserted by Mr Almallah in February 2009, due to having continence problems following a radical prostatectomy operation in 2007 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Steve Carlin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and had a radical prostatectomy in July of that year when he was aged 58.  Although the removal of the cancerous tissue was a success there was a continuing problem with incontinence which was under review with his consultant onco-urologist, who after courses of physiotherapy and drugs suggested that he see Mr Zaki Almallah his urological consultant at Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic and made the referral.

” I met with Mr Almallah at the end of 2008 some 18 months after my prostatectomy My incontinence was discussed and the treatments I had received reviewed.  Mr Almallah advised that my situation was now unlikely to improve without further treatment and explained to me the three options which should be considered in my case.  The first was bulking injections but this was considered inappropriate and discounted. The two remaining options involved surgery, either the insertion of a male sling or an artificial urinary sphincter.  Mr Almallah explained carefully these alternatives and showed me the items which could be inserted.

I decided that I would follow the route of surgery and arrangements were made for me to attend the clinic some four weeks later when Mr Almallah carried out a video urodynamics test to assess the appropriateness of the alternative procedures. The advice I received as a result of the test was that the insertion of the male sling was favourable to get results for my  “relatively moderate” leakage and I was told what the after effects could be.  I felt completely satisfied with the review/test/advice that I received and asked Mr Almallah to arrange for the procedure to be carried out.

I went into the Priory Hospital at the end of February 2009 on a Friday morning. The team carried out the procedure that day and I was discharged on Sunday afternoon.  The procedure is by definition intrusive and it was some four weeks before I was able to return to work, after a follow up consultation.

The results were and continue to be entirely satisfactory.  The incontinence stopped with the insertion of my sling and I now feel that my life is back to normal.

The use of the phrase “relatively moderate” earlier in this narrative was chosen advisedly and in it’s context of appraisal for treatment.  However I know a lot of men have had the same problem post operative prostatectomy and it is debilitating, frustrating and inhibiting.  Clearly dealing with the cancer issue is paramount but after that phase a recognition that further treatment may be necessary and is available can be addressed.

I do not know other men who have undergone this procedure but do know a lot of men who have an ongoing problem.

Mr Almallah and his team at the Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic certainly provided the solution for me in a courteous, informative , comprehensive and professional manner and I am sure will help others similarly.”

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