Specialist Care for Bladder and Prostate Problems

What happens during my first consultation?

During your first consultation your consultant will ask you in depth questions about your medical history, your bladder or prostate pain and symptoms and their impact upon your daily life. This will involve going through the details of how the problems started and what aggravates or relieves the problem.

If you are visiting the clinic due to bladder pain and problems, you will be asked about your bladder during childhood, pregnancy and delivery and any previous investigations or surgery you may have undergone. You will also be asked about how much and what fluid you drink and how often you visit the toilet.

It is also an important opportunity for you to ask your consultant as many questions as you may have, and some patients find it helpful to bring along a list of questions to ensure that all of them – no matter how small they may seem, are answered.  This private one-to one consultation will also provide you with the opportunity to discuss important issues which you may otherwise be reluctant to talk about, such as sexual problems.

A careful past medical history will be taken. This will cover any serious illness or operations in the past. The consultant will ask about any current medication or allergies, as well as smoking and drinking habits. Relevant family history may be enquired about, especially diabetes, heart disease and glaucoma.

Your initial consultation can last between thirty minutes to an hour, however additional time may be needed if any diagnostic tests will be required as part of our “One Stop” Clinic. During the consultation, your consultant will discuss in depth with you any treatment that you may require.

Should your consultant decide that you require surgery, this can be arranged at your convenience usually within two weeks of your initial consultation. If you are paying for your own treatment, your consultant or the Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic secretary will be able to discuss exact costs with you once a treatment pathway has been identified.

You are welcome to bring along a friend or relative to your consultation if you wish.


A general physical examination will be performed including an examination of the abdomen. In women, a pelvic examination (internal) will be offered to look for infections, prolapse and urinary leakage on coughing or straining. Often a digital rectal examination will also be required for the prostate in men.

A chaperone will be offered to all patients with the opportunity to decline if they wish. Please speak to your consultant when you see him or her.

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