Specialist Care for Bladder and Prostate Problems

New Patients

How do I make my first appointment?

We have appointments available most days of the week at a convenient time to suit you and can offer weekend appointments on special request.

As the Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic treats many patients who live outside the West Midlands area, in most cases we can offer a “One Stop” Clinic where any diagnostic tests you may require can be performed on the same visit as your initial outpatient consultation. Please discuss your preference with the clinic co-ordinator.

You can make an appointment by telephoning 0121 446 1684
Your GP can fax a referral letter on 0121 446 1679

You can e-mail info@thebladderclinic.co.uk

We prefer patients to be referred to the Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic through their GP; this is because your GP understands your medical history and is responsible for your care. However, we do accept patients who wish to approach the clinic directly. Simply make an appointment and bring your GP’s referral letter with you.

The specialists at the Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic are approved by all leading health insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, Norwich Union, Standard Life, WPA, The Police Health Scheme etc. If you are using private medical insurance, the majority of insurance companies require a letter of referral to authorise any treatment that you may require. If you have any questions please call the The Birmingham and Solihull Bladder Clinic secretary on 0121 446 1684 who will be able to answer any of your queries.

A significant number of our patients fund their own private treatment and we ensure that we fully explain all costs associated with your care prior to any treatment taking place and we have cost effective treatment packages available. For any questions on treatment costs and consultation charges, please contact the clinic secretary on 0121 446 1684.

The clinic sees a significant number of patients who wish to receive a “second opinion”. We also receive many tertiary referrals- i.e. referrals from other consultant urologists seeking a second option for their patient. Patients who are insured need to speak to their insurance company about authorisation for a second opinion consultation.

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