6/5/2012 – Mr Zaki Almallah appeared on Channel 4’s “The Clinic”

On Tuesday 5th June at 8pm Mr Zaki Almallah of the Birmingham Bladder Clinic featured on the interactive popular health programme “The Clinic”, which is part of the popular Channel 4 series “Embarrassing Bodies”.

During the programme Mr Almallah was busy participating in web chats with those who were concerned about various aspects of their bladder health- in particular those suffering with bladder pain and cystitis. However, Mr Almallah did comment that he was also receiving queries from men who had previously been treated for bladder cancer and prostate cancer and who were now suffering from urinary incontinence as a result of their treatment.

During the programme viewers saw Mr Almallah having an interative live web chat with Nikki, aged 32 from Croydon who constantly needed to urinate throughout the night, with any movements making her feel like she needed to empty her bladder.
Mr Almallah asked her various questions, which included:
– Does she wet the bed?
– Is this only a problem at night?
– How much does she drink during the daytime?

After Nikki answered these questions Mr Almallah offered to speak to her directly and in more detail after the programme.

Viewers also were able to watch Mr Almallah having an interactive live screened webchat with Danielle, aged 21, who for the two and a half years had been suffering with constant urinary tract infections. It transpired that it was most painful when urinating combined with a dull stomach ache.
Mr Almallah felt a possible cause could be urine reflux, and again offered to speak to her in more detail after the programme.

To watch the programme, click www.livefromtheclinic.channel4.com/