6/28/2015 – A Milestone study on treating urinary incontinence following prostate cancer surgery

Mr Zaki Almallah published a milestone study on the management of urinary incontinence following prostate cancer surgery. Post radical prostatectomy urinary incontinence is a very trouble some complication of surgery for prostate cancer and can affect significantly the quality of life of men undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

In this important scientific publication titled “A report of a regional service for post prostatectomy urinary incontinence: a model for best practice?” The authors looked at the management of 267 tertiary referred patients to Mr Zaki Almallah at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and the model of the service.

“Our service is unique and probably can be used as blueprint for other hospitals and regions to optimise the management of post radical prostatectomy urinary incontinence”, said Mr Zaki Almallah consultant urologist.

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