4/9/2012 – Mr Almallah appears again on Embarrassing Bodies performing Male Sling procedure

Mr Zaki Almallah featured again on the popular Channel 4 series of Embarrassing Bodies on Monday 9th April 2012.
In the episode, viewers were able to watch the emotional story of 61 year old Phil who had been left incontinent two and a half years ago following having his prostate removed due to being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
After successfully recovering from the disease he began to suffer from embarrassing urine leaks when he coughed, sneezed or lifted heavy objects. This forced him to have to wear incontinence pads all day; however he didn’t need to use them at night as the incontinence eased when lying down due to there being no pressure on the bladder.

On the programme Phil met with Mr Almallah who was able to explain to him that his incontinence had been caused by the nerves to the bladder becoming damaged when the prostate was removed, and that a solution to overcome the incontinence would be to undergo an operation called the Male Sling procedure, where a sling mesh is inserted – it has two ends which are attached to both ends of the groin which can then offer support to the bladder.

Viewers were able to watch Phil undergo the procedure performed by Mr Almallah, where the sling was implanted into the pelvis, placed through a 4cm perineal incision behind the scrotum to was attached to a curve shaped needle and placed underneath the sphincter valve (which acts as a control mechanism) to support the sphincter and restore continence.

Phil was interviewed by the Embarrassing Bodies GP one week after having the male sling fitted, and was delighted to explain how when his catheter was removed his continence had been restored. He explained how this had given him his freedom back and had been able to resume his love of outdoor walking.
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