4/24/2011 – Possible hope for infertile men with no sperms?

Possible hope for infertile men with no sperms?

Following a recent audit, there appears to be a ray of hope for men with no sperms.

Men who had previously deemed themselves infertile, or with a very low chance of producing sperms will be delighted to hear the findings of a recent audit.

The success rate in a group of 22 infertile men with testicular failure and azoospermia (no sperm in their ejaculate) was recently revealed in a medical training day for fertility specialists in Birmingham. The gathering were presented with an audit that showed that Mr Almallah, consultant urologist and male fertility specialist at BMI The Priory Hospital, has successfully retrieved sperms in 15 (77%) out of the 22 infertile men referred from other fertility centres in the West Midlands.

Mr Almallah used a highly specialised technique called micro-surgical sperm retrieval to achieve these results. In this unique technique, Mr Almallah performed the surgery with a special surgical microscope to identify areas in the testicular tissue that were likely to yield sperms in open testicular biopsies.

“Most of those men were labelled as – ‘men with very low chance of success’- by other fertility centres” said Mr Almallah, consultant urologist. “A significant number of those men had previous unsuccessful attempts by other specialists prior to their referral, in addition to having other complicating factors like small testes, high FSH and/or history of un-descended testis,” added the Male Infertility specialist.

Microsurgical sperm retrieval operations are highly specialised procedures. In the West Midlands they are only performed by Mr Almallah at University Hospital Birmingham (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and BMI The Priory Hospital.