3/26/2012 – Miscrosurgical sperm retrieval episode on Embarrassing

On Monday 26th March 2012 Mr Zaki Almallah appeared on the popular Channel 4 series of Embarrassing Bodies.

In the episode, Mr Almallah consulted with a man who after having a child with a former partner from a previous relationship had decided to undergo a Vasectomy procedure so he would not be able to father any more children.

Circumstances change and after this relationship had broken down, and he subsequently went on to remarry, he decided he wanted to have more children, so he met with Mr Almallah of the Birmingham Bladder Clinic who specialises in male fertility following vasectomy reversal.

After undergoing tests it was decided the best course of treatment would be to undergo miscrosurgical sperm retrieval, and viewers were able to see sperm samples being retireved microsurgically from the testes which were then examined under a miscroscope for their viability.

These sperms were then stored whilst the patient decided with his partner on the course of treatment they wanted to pursue.

The patient was advised that the greater chance of sucessfully fathering a child would be via IVF and the epiosode conculded with the patient speaking to Mr Almallah after undergoing the miscrosurgical sperm retrieval saying he and his partner had decided to now undergo IVF treatment with the sucessfully retireved sperms.

To watch this episode visit: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/embarrassing-bodies/4od#3306463