12/11/2016 – Dr Zaki Almallah is back from Chicago

Professor Zaki Almallah, consultant urologist at Birmingham Bladder Clinic is now back in Birmingham after working at Chicago as Director of Prostate Cancer Survivorship Programme.

During most of 2016, Dr Almallah, led a team to organize surgical care for patients with urinary incontinence following prostate cancer treatment and radical prostatectomy. Furthermore, he treated patients with complex urological problems including incontinence of urine, bladder pain, male infertility and erectile dysfunction.

“It was a fascinating year for me” said Professor Almallah. “Over the last six years I have taught and trained urologists in the US, but living and working there was a completely different experience” he added. “I very much enjoyed performing complex surgery and treating patients in Chicago as well as teaching and training a highly motivated group of students and doctors”.